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Bears with Benefits - About us and our philosophy

As Bears with Benefits, we believe that every woman has her own individual beauty. And we don't want to change or paint over that, but rather make it shine with our highly concentrated beauty vitamin complexes.



Hi! We are Lena and Laurence from Munich. As "working mums", we have long resorted to little helpers in everyday life in the form of targeted nutritional supplements.

But we realised that the existing products seemed somehow out of date. Starting with unnecessary artificial additives such as fillers, release agents and colourants such as the controversial titanium dioxide, the outdated product presentation, which is more reminiscent of bitter medicine than a positive beauty routine that we are all actually looking for.

That was the birth of Bears with Benefits: a beauty product that is fun to use and can be integrated into everyday life with ease and joy. Free from allergens, vegan where possible, available with or without sugar and without artificial colours or flavours.


Yours, Lena & Laurence


Our formulations are developed in Germany under the highest quality standards. In doing so, we avoid unnecessary substances such as release agents and fillers, and allergens such as lactose and gluten. Instead, we focus on ingredients with scientifically proven efficacy. Clinical studies prove the effectiveness of individual ingredients and formulations. We use only natural food colouring and natural flavours. To ensure optimal bioavailability, we supplement our beauty vitamin complexes with coconut oil.

The dark packaging protects the sensitive vitamins from light to ensure the longest possible stability. We rely 100% on recycled PET, without the use of virgin plastic.

Because your beauty comes from within and starts with a smile on your face.

Pharmaceutically developed

science meets passion

All of our formulations are based on scientific research and a deep understanding of how micronutrients work on skin, hair, body and our overall sense of beauty and well-being. At the same time, we deliberately wanted our beauty vitamins to taste delicious and be fun to take care of yourself rather than suggest hard change, hard sacrifice, and hard work.

Our mission is really simple in principle:

We believe in your natural and individual beauty. And we want to offer you the best possible products so that it shines from the inside out.

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