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Maca is a plant from the Andes. Learn more about the most important benefits, how to take it and what effect the superfood can have on your body. Did you know that maca can increase your "desire"?


Maca, the superfood of the South American Incas, has gained remarkable importance in modern times. The maca plant is a member of the cruciferous family and comes from the high altitudes of the Peruvian Andes. The root tubers are either eaten fresh by the native population after heating or dried and processed further, for example, into flour (Britannica).

The tuber is now valued as a natural alternative with aphrodisiac effects and is widely used in naturopathy, especially for libido deficiency and potency problems. In addition, it is also successfully used to help couples with an unfulfilled desire to have children and to support women during menopause. The diverse application areas make maca a fascinating and promising addition to the world of health (Britannica).


Maca makes you want. The best-known property of maca is its aphrodisiac effect. A large number of studies have looked into the subject and confirmed that maca has a lust-promoting and potency-increasing effect.

Studies have come to the conclusion that maca not only increases the desire for sex but can also increase the potency of men. Testosterone is the hormone used to increase libido and potency in men. Maca can increase potency without altering testosterone or oestradiol levels, which means maca also has no negative effect on the prostate, as these are often the side effects of testosterone. As a result, users of Maca report that they feel stronger, more powerful and healthier and also have "more desire" (Journal of Ethnopharmacy).

Maca also helps with menopausal symptoms. Studies confirm that symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats are improved by taking maca. Not only are the complaints during menopause alleviated, but the hormones are also balanced and have a favourable effect on blood pressure, body weight and cholesterol. Maca is, therefore, considered a potential alternative to classical hormone therapy.

Maca is a superfood and also has a positive effect on digestion and cholesterol levels. Cholesterol levels can be lowered because maca inhibits cholesterol absorption in the small intestine, thus lowering LDL cholesterol ("bad" cholesterol). Maca's digestive effect is due to its fibre content and bioactive substances. 

Maca can increase the energy level of the entire organism and thus improve the ability to perform and concentrate. Maca is also said to improve athletic condition and build muscle. Due to the improved blood circulation, maca has a performance-enhancing effect during sport, and after sport, the improved blood circulation promotes the ability to regenerate (Journal of Ethnopharmacology).

It has also been found that maca can improve sexual dysfunction caused by taking antidepressants, as this is a common side effect of these drugs.


"Maca has been used for many years, and its effects should not be underestimated. Maca has a variety of effects and is also recommended for those who wish to have children. However, I would recommend always consulting your doctor before taking maca. In any case, let yourself be convinced of the effect and try it out."

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FAQs about maca

FAQs about maca

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Over 500,000 satisfied customers

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