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Article: Face Yoga: All questions, answers and the benefits

Face Yoga: All questions, answers and the benefits

Face Yoga: All questions, answers and the benefits

Yoga. A trend that came and stayed all at once. Yoga is not only for physical exertion, flexibility and muscle building, but is also for many the balance to everyday life, a moment to shut down and relax. The muscles are strengthened, invigorated and nasty tensions can be loosened. There are 26 muscles in the face which, among other things, protect our eyes, make us smile and or even frown from time to time.

What is "face yoga"?

Classically, yoga is a full-body sport - but there is also yoga for the face, to give the delicate facial muscles the same attention as the rest of the body. Face Yoga brings not only better blood circulation, but also smoother skin and a natural glow. Also, Face Yoga helps to relax the face, stimulate the muscles and increase overall well-being.

The benefits of Face Yoga:

  • Small wrinkles are reduced
  • Skin aging is slowed down
  • Tired eyes are revitalised
  • Drooping corners of the mouth disappear
  • Cheeks look firm and rosy
  • The facial contours are smoothed out
  • The double chin is tightened

The special massage effect brings facial muscle training in combination with facial rollers or Gua Sha stones - either before or after the yoga session use the beauty tools made of rose quartz and pamper the skin from the outside with oils or serums.

Before & After - When can I see the first results?

It is not possible to say in general terms when the first results can be achieved. Face yoga is an anti-aging boost that is more likely to show results in the long term. In addition, tools such as Beauty Roller and Co. should be used regularly.

Face Yoga: 3 simple exercises

Step 1: Clean the face, tie back the hair and find a comfortable place. Relax the face and off you go.

Exercise 1: The kissing mouth

  1. This exercise is great for face yoga beginners. It works the lower part of the facial muscles, especially the cheeks, lips and neck.
  2. Push chin up slightly and shape lips like a kissing mouth.
  3. Pull the cheeks inwards and pucker the lips as much as possible.
  4. Hold this position for 60 seconds. Then puff up cheeks with air to get into the opposite position.
  5. Press lips firmly together for 20 seconds. Relax briefly and repeat five times.

Exercise 2: Bye Bye Wrinkles

Here the fight is declared against the lip wrinkles.

  1. The best way to train the mouth ring muscle is to smile and suck the lips narrowly into the mouth over the teeth. Be careful to keep the rest of your face relaxed during this exercise.
  2. Repeat six times.

Exercise 3: For a firm forehead

Wrinkles against frown lines:

  1. Place palms above eyebrows and gently pull outward.
  2. Now try to look angry, so pull the forehead together to the middle - the hands do not allow it.
  3. Repeat six times.

Have fun with your little face yoga session.

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